questions the whippet media regulation
questions the whippet media regulation


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Pros and cons of regulating the industry

The pet grooming industry is currently unregulated… but why? is it in the industries best interest? We are going to explore that right now.

On the 1st of October 2018 the Animal Welfare act was amended to included new Regulations. This was to licence the activity of dog boarding, breeding, day care and exhibiting animals. This update to the legislation didn’t include regulating the pet grooming industry. There has been many debates about whether regulating the pet grooming industry is a good or bad idea. 

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But what do the customers think? We did a survey of 100 pet owners across the UK to gauge their understanding of how the grooming industry works.

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Only 22% of pet owners were aware that the grooming industry had no regulating body. Some may be shocked at that statistic but what are the pros and cons of full industry regulation.

Why would regulating the grooming industry be a good idea?

In the grooming industry there are currently no regulations or qualifications needed to set up a grooming business. Any person can start grooming with minimal equipment and knowledge. As a result they can advertise their services and charge customers to groom their beloved pets. This could end with disastrous consequences for the dog and the groomer.

Regulating the industry has the potential to provide a standard across every salon across the board.

Including setting criteria for safety and handling to prevent accidents to the groomer & pet.

When an owner Visits a salon they are often unaware that the person working on their pet may be unqualified. Many presume that like plumbing or electricians that groomers are also required to have a qualification by law.

The new update to the Animal welfare Act has given an example of how this regulation could happen. It is given based on a star rating of 1-5 and the more criteria you meet the more stars you are given. It is aimed to regularly check cleanliness, safety and welfare of the animals. 

The grooming industry seems to be at war over where we should be heading

With the introduction of The Groomers Spotlight it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Why would regulating the grooming industry be a bad idea? 

Whilst a lot agree with regulations in the industry some people disagree with regulating the industry and many agree this would not be an easy move.

This is due to a difficulty in setting the criteria and also policing the regulation and standards.

The new update to the Animal Welfare act works with a star rating. This is given based on the Criteria you have met. Sadly 4 or 5 stars cannot be met without a Ofqual qualification.

For many groomers, experience has come from years of working hands on in the industry. It has not been through a qualification, but this would mean they cannot meet the higher star criteria.

However, a new groomer who has just qualified but lacks experience and confidence may gain the 4 or 5 stars. 

It  will also be an added expense to experienced groomers when having to complete a qualification, or modify their salon to meet new criteria. Also the expense of having to pay a revaluation body such as the council or a professional body. This may be money that a groomer does not have and may discourage many experienced groomers in the industry.

Whether the grooming industry should be regulated is still an unanswered question.

With regular debates by the professional bodies such as PIF and BIGA it is one that may still be unanswered for a while yet.

Until all questions can be answered and a suitable system can be arranged that benefits new groomers and experienced groomers and how it will be policed is concluded. 

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