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Dog Grooming Products

Potions, Sprays, Spells & Prayers (for dog coats)

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My Top potions, sprays, spells & prayers for coat enhancement and shape. dog coat

Vita Canis Ear Clear

Vita Canis - The Whippet Media
Vita Canis – The Whippet Media
Vita Canis Ear Cleaner is 100% natural ear remedy for dogs.

Ear Cleaner is non-toxic. It is also free from synthetic chemicals, alcohol, steroids and antibiotics.

Made in the UK,  Ear Cleaner is natural, vegan and cruelty free. The unique blend of essential oils and hydrosols helps eliminate wax build-up and redness. It also soothes and protect for optimum ear health.

Ear Cleaner, natural ear remedy is not suitable only for dogs. Also for large animals, e.g. horses, goats, donkeys… and humans.

Hownd Scissor & Styling Spray coat

Hownd Scissor & Styling Spray - The Whippet Media
Hownd Scissor & Styling Spray – The Whippet Media
Achieve Perfect Styling Results with HOWND Scissor & Style

Made with quality ingredients including a vegan alternative to Keratin and botanical oils for a lush fragrance. This professional styling spray will give you lasting, antistatic results, just as you would expect from HOWND. It is fast drying, volumising, and will help you define and shape all coats. Key ingredients, such as wheat protein, will condition and help with those stubborn tangles. Scissor & Style is the first product in HOWND’s professional styling range.

Julie Harris Coat Management Spray

Julie Harris Coat Management Spray - The Whippet Media
Julie Harris Coat Management Spray – The Whippet Media
Julie Harris Signature Coat Management Spray

A kit bag essential. Light, mild formula that works like a dream to gently detangle hair, working even on thick, heavy hair. This spray not only detangles but is excellent to loosely hold the hair for clipping, trimming and scissoring work.

It can be used repeatedly throughout the grooming session without product build-up that might weigh the hair down. The formula does not contact alcohol and only a very light fragrance so is suitable for most coats and skin types.

Although unlikely to cause a ruction we always recommend a patch test on skin before spraying the whole coat.

The 300ml bottle produces an extra fine mist which gives uniform product coverage and even sprays upside-down, so you can get to all those difficult to reach areas.

Demelex coat

Demelex - The Whippet Media
Demelex – The Whippet Media
Demelex Dematting Spray is an innovative product that has been specially for dogs.

Works instantly and does not require rinsing. Démêl’Ex is a coat treatment composed of silicone and organic rice proteins that allows for effective de-matting and knot removal, while making brushing easy and stress-free for the animal.  This restructuring and anti-static spray puts a protective and nourishing layer on the coat, giving it a glossy shine.

Chubbs coat

Chubbs - The Whippet Media
Chubbs – The Whippet Media
The Chubbs Shampoo Bar is an eco-friendly all-purpose solid shampoo made entirely of organic ingredients.

Suitable for use on dogs, cats, horses, and even smaller pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs, this shampoo is easy to use and rinses out quickly, leaving the hair soft and clean without separation.

This product is ideal for the thorough removal of dander and dirt. It makes even the greasiest, dullest coats voluminous and shiny.

Corn Flour

Corn Flour - The Whippet Media
Corn Flour – The Whippet Media

Cornflour probably seems unusual to have on my list, but hear me out.

I always keep a box for tear staining. I find it works really well at reducing the amount of tear staining and it isn’t harmful to the dogs. It the easiest solution I have found that doesn’t not involve wrestling a pet dog to the ground to get eye drops in.

Banish coat

Banish - The Whippet Media
Banish – The Whippet Media
Banish dematting spray designed to unravel mats, knots and tangles with speed and efficiency, let the brush or comb do the work they were made for.

Suitable also as and anti static finishing spray that promotes softness, lustre and a high shine to the coat with added UV protection.  The spray helps form a lasting barrier against dust, dirt, urine and other pollutants that may fade or damage the coat.

It improves manageability and aids drying times when applied to damp or wet hair.

Dematting – Apply directly to mats and brush out, in severe cases use a blast dryer to improve application and to penetrate the coat.

Finishing – Lightly mist onto a dry coat and brush through to give a  beautifully soft texture and high shine.  Repeat either process as required.

Yuup Revive

Yuup - The Whippet Media
Yuup – The Whippet Media
Yuup! Revive Intensive Oil is a blend of light and non greasy oils specifically formulated to restore the most matted, dry and damaged coats.   

Ideal for long coats, suitable for all types of coat and breeds, especially effective for show dogs and those that require wrapping. Reduces drying time.

I really love this stuff 🙂