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Pandemic Pressure

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As groomers, business owners and workers we have all felt the ‘Pandemic Pressure.’

Lockdown has given many of us “food for thought”. People across all industries are deciding if their jobs and goals in life are actually what they want and many are making changes to have a more meaningful life. Sometimes we need a bit of a pandemic to give us the poke (shove) we’ve all been needing. 

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We go through life putting pressures on ourselves to strive for more.

As children, we’re encouraged to strive from a young age; to be the best and keep going no matter what. Life says make goals, strive to achieve them, don’t miss out.  It’s encouraged and with a high link to FOMO, why wouldn’t we want to strive? 

We are all constantly striving for success, fame and comfort when all we actually need to be happy is someone or something to be enthusiastic about. 

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Hmmm, maybe Mr Jackson Brown is on to something there? Why do we feel like we need to be perfect? 

When looking at striving, phrases such as ‘to try very hard to do something’, ‘especially for a long time or against difficulties’ pop up. Just reading that sentence can bring on the heebies; the pressure can give you tingles in all the wrong places! Striving can instantly create pressure on yourself, unhealthy competitiveness, anxiety and even depression. 

A new ‘lockdown wake up call’ has encouraged many of us to thrive instead of strive in a high pressure environment.

Thriving can be described as being wealthy, healthy, flourishing, to be successful and to grow vigorously- hell to the yeah! We’ve all been so busy making a life, we’ve been forgetting to actually live it.

Thriving  is about making direct choices from a place of confidence. We can still aim high and push ourselves but whilst knowing if we don’t reach the moon, that’s cool because we’re still hanging out in the stars.

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Thriving isn’t the same for everyone, let’s take dog groomers for example. Some are most happy running their salon, taking good money and concentrating on building their business. Other groomers enjoy the thrill of competing, learning new skills and mingling with like minded people.

It’s about being the right groomer for you, different passions and life objectives will resonate with people differently but its about recognising this and being kind to yourself and enjoying the route you decide to take. 

Many of us have had time to reflect on our workload and work life balance and believe it’s time to live for what’s important to us in life. How fabulous! This is the type of tingles we should be aiming for! Get passionate again, get excited, enjoy the sun (or the rain), sit with yourself knowing that you are positively stretching and challenging yourself; not just running yourself into exhaustion or anxiety. 

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If you haven’t done so already, take a seat in front of the mirror and ask yourself if you’re constantly striving for more or thriving and living your best life.

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The pandemic pressure cooker has brought out the best in most people. So strive to be good enough, perfection is boring anyway.

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