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New COVID restrictions on your dog grooming business.

Everything you need to know about what impact a second lockdown would have on your dog grooming business. UK ONLY

It has been asked time after time, discussed and argued about at least 10 THOUSAND times… restrictions on your dog grooming business.


-every groomer on facebook

Here is what we know right now…

In England, if you are in Tier 1, 2 or 3: You can groom and operate as normal in a COVID safe environment. Take extra precautions in higher tier areas, such as having a no contact hand over and paying by card where possible.

If we go in to lockdown again…

OK, so this one is the one thats been up for debate with lots of people refusing to close again. Especially with the limited support for the self employed. Cheers Rish, done us another solid there mate!

Now, things do vary between area’s which is why this debate takes constant twists and turns. It’s why advice tends to differ between the people who are giving it.

BUT the ‘general’ consensus is this.restrictions on your dog grooming business

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Business restrictions social media. The Whippet Media

We hear that people keep saying grooming is not an ‘essential business.’ Now we know this not to be true, we know there was a massive welfare issue after the last lockdown. We all had hundreds of dogs come to us after lockdown in terrible states, which was not acceptable.

The problem isn’t that we can’t open (many of us work from home right?) It’s that taking a dog to a grooming appointment is not classed as ‘essential travel’ for customers.

So here is what you need to consider if you have to close.

It’s likely that ‘if’ we go into another lockdown with the same restrictions as last time it wont be for as long as last time. Which means owners *should* be able to manage a few weeks without us. restrictions on your dog grooming business.


So this is where you need to be smart. Stab your diary straight through its heart. Set it on fire. Throw it out of the window then tie a weight to it and sink it to the bottom of the nearest river.

We have all had to adapt this past year and if that means starting your diary from scratch again then so be it. Prioritise your customers, work the extra hours, open the extra days and do what you need to do. Because chances are if we cant work for 3 weeks we’re going to need that money clawing back somehow. Make it work. We did it once we can do it again. Stop saying we can’t. WE CAN!

We might be down a few bob, and it’s going to be a lot harder for some more than others but it’s the hand we have been dealt. So don’t be tempted to break the rules to suit your own situation. There are certain perks to being self employed, but there are downfalls too… And this my friend is one hairy, ugly downfall of being self employed.

GREAT NEWS IF YOUR MOBILE!restrictions on your dog grooming business.

If you are a mobile groomer- in a van or trailer, your laughing all the way to the bank (in comparison to the rest of us anyway!) Chances are if the shop/home based groomers have to close… you are their sole option. Which means you’re probably going to be busy.

If you’re in doubt or you’re getting conflicting advice online, check with your local council. Don’t be that person who only opens because Danielle on Facebook told you that you could. You could get yourself in trouble or fined! And if you are giving advice on facebook make sure you make it clear that it’s what your council have advised for you personally.

Exceptions and loopholes…

So something new for this ‘new potential lockdown’ which differs from the last is that you are allowed to groom welfare cases. Let me stress that this does not include karen with teddy who has a few tatters because she couldn’t be bothered getting off her hole and brushing through her dog for the last 2 weeks. These are the cases where there is a severe welfare issue for the dogs.

This includes but is not limited to: Embedded nails, matting that causes restriction to the movement of the dog, matting that is cutting off blood supply to any extremities. Teddy not being able to see because his fringe is bigger than Claudia Winkleman’s doesn’t count. Tell them to put a band in and jog on.

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Business restrictions social media. The Whippet Media

One good tip for a work around is going and collecting dogs. At the time this article has gone out, this is able to be done. If customers can not leave their homes for unnecessary travel, you can collect and drop off their dogs for them. Providing it is a contactless handover.

Now I know this whole thing is frustrating. It’s a terrible time for all business’. And whatever your view is on how the coronavirus outbreak should be handled is quite frankly irrelevant. We all need to work together and just do as we are told. If we all stand together and stay on the same page we will get out of this living hell sooner.

More details regarding business’ and local measures can be found on the GOV website HERE.

For the latest advice on pet business’ from PIF you can find this information HERE.

For safe handover protocols and advice on how to keep your pet business safe please read THIS DOCUMENT.

All facts in this article have been researched through the government website, PIF and CFSG and are correct and up to date as of 20th October 2020.

Tell us what you think about new covid restrictions. We will be discussing this on our Whip It Out podcast!

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