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I’m not a bad groomer!!!

Having worked for a large corporate company in the U.K. and also having worked self employed, I can confidently speak from my experience.

Many people in the industry are quick to slate working for a large company, but it also comes with its advantages.

Let’s get down to business 

I’ll start by making it clear that we are all businesses. Big or small we are all here to make money. Who doesn’t want to make money!? Large companies have big overheads such as staff wages, equipment to maintain, rents to pay. All of these need to be paid before the business makes any money.

targets. Whippet media. corporate
targets. Whippet media. corporate

Of course they have targets!

We should all know how much we need to earn to make a profit, it’s called business. But in the role I had, I worked closely with the grooming management team. First hand I can tell you, the dogs welfare was always top priority before hitting targets.

During my time in corporate, the number of dog grooms expected was around 4-5 a day. 


Hey, that didn’t seem that many to me. Especially as I was being paid for 9 hours a day. I guess this could have been daunting or a struggle for new groomers. But you could rely on hourly or yearly pay whether you had a dog to groom or not. So in quieter months this pay could be very welcome.

dog bath. Whippet media. corporate
dog bath. Whippet media. corporate

As we all know how this industry can be very seasonal. Corporate 

Many groomers sell spa packages to boost turnover and this is also a service offered by the larger businesses. Additional treatments can really benefit the dogs. Treatments such as tear Stain remover, ultra sonic teeth cleaning, coat conditioner & mud bath. Why let the Owners benefit from these for free?

spa dog. Whippet media. corporate
spa dog. Whippet media. corporate

Extra products cost you extra money to buy so should incur an extra charge.

It’s a real bug bare of mine that people use these super products but charge no more giving the expense to their own business’. We are here to make money people. Charities, we are not.

There are no holidays, nor sick pay for the self employed. That sucks. So The thought of not having to do the yearly tax return and not having receipts coming out of every crevice (but still managing to lose the most important ones)  is extremely tempting! 

During my time there they also funded my full C&G qualification.

Many large corporations offer level 3 C&G to the salon managers. They also often offer an in-house training programme for the assistants. These are aimed at new groomers who receive the training free and get paid at the same time. (Like a well paid apprenticeship)

If you are wanting to learn to become a groomer, not many places offer the opportunity to be taught whilst earning a decent salary.

girl with money. Whippet media. corporate
girl with money. Whippet media. corporate

I no longer work for corporate and I speak from my own experiences. We are all human and we all have bills to pay. It isn’t for everyone and some people thrive in that environment, but don’t let the bad experiences of others put you off. 

It’s sad to see corporate workers constantly being tarred with the same brush. Sweep that shit under the rug.

Corporate has its advantages and disadvantages and like you, corporate workers do it for the love of dogs. And isn’t that what really matters?



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