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What dog breed best describes you?

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How much exercise do you do per week?

two people exercising. The Whippet MEDIA

How would you describe you

Love heart on steam glass. the whippet media

What are peoples first impressions of you?

handshake. the whippet media

How would you describe your look?

smeared makeup. the whippet media

Who is your main priority?

family cutout. the whippet media

What kind of friend are you?

friends being goofy. the whippet media

How much time do you spend getting ready on a morning

wake up and stretch. the whippet media

What is the first thing you want to do when you get home from work

lots of people partying. the whippet media

What is your worst personality trait?

woman looking at herself. the whippet media

What breed of dog would you be?

Border collie lying on the grass. Whippet Media

What breed are you? You are a self confessed workaholic. Your brain works at a 100 miles an hour and are always thinking of the next thing you could do to please your boss or to make your business great. You have suffered with anxiety in the past but it can be totally managed by a swift 6 mile run. You never have downtime because your brain just will not switch off. You are a great friend and are always on time, you like to look your smartest so long as it doesn't cut into work time!

German Shepherd on the grass

What breed are you? Your number one priority is your family and you will put yourself in harms way to make sure they are safe. You are a hard worker, and constantly balancing all the things life throws your way. You put everyone first constantly which is why people love having you as their friend. You need your exercise to thrive and ensuring you eat well and work out means your mental health stays stable! But make sure you take some time out for yourself for a paddle in the sea to reset. People often feel intimidated by the power you radiate, but it's all front. You are the softest, most loving friend.
You are a LABRADOR!

Labrador on the Grass. The Whippet Media

What breed are you? Your friends describe you as the one who can never take anything seriously. You're the life and soul of the party and the one who always makes people laugh when they are feeling down. You have tons of friends which is a testament to your likability. You always have time to spend with your pals and it's the environment you thrive in the most. Your only one vice is making sure you have enough free time for a long soak in the bath. You are incredibly active... which is a good job considering you can clean out the fridge in a New York minute!
You are a POODLE!

Black poodle in puppy pants. The Whippet Media

What breed are you? You are like soooooo high maintenance. Most of your monthly wages goes on beauty products, make up, clothes, hair accessaries and treatments. It's money well spent because you are FABULOUS! You have a mouth on you and will stand your ground and get a bit lippy but thats what makes you so loveable. You tend to have a smaller group of close friends who you spend most of your time with and that suits you perfectly. Although when it comes to men you can be a bit clingy and rumour has it... (You'll have sex with anything)
You are a SCHNAUZER!

Miniature Schnauzer. The Whippet Media

what breed are you? You, my friend are a force to be reckoned with. No one plays you for a fool because you are as stubborn as they come! You can get a bit too lippy when your not getting your own way but people tend to take you totally seriously. You stand your ground and get what you want. People often misunderstand you due to your resting bitch face, but once they scratch beneath the surface they have a friend for life. You are super loyal and you never leave your friends behind.

Chinese Crested walking. The Whippet Media

What breed are you? You are super unusual and a total head turner. You don't put much effort into your appearance but thats because you don't need to! Your unique look is your USP and what attracts so many people who want to be friends with you. Once people are friends with you they are friends for life. You let people in totally and wholly, and you wear your heart on your sleeve. It has left you vulnerable a few times but don't change who you are because of the haters!
You are a SHIH TZU!

Shih tzu in full coat. The Whippet Media

What breed are you? Sometimes people don't know whether they are coming or going with you. One minute your super friendly the next minute your mood takes you to a whole new level of bitch! Your personality is totally unique and as long as your friends and family know how to manage you thats all that matters. You have a good heart under all that bravado. Your weary of strangers, your heart has been put on the line one too many times and now it scares you to open up. But once the long process of getting to know you comes, you allow people to see the real you. And trust me... Its worth the wait!
You are a PUG!

Pug under the sheets. The Whippet Media

What breed are you? You're a hot mess. You have all the best intentions but can never seem to get on top of things. Theres always something thats got to give and usually it's you neglecting yourself! Make more time for youself. You burn the candle at both ends which means when the house needs cleaning you just want to hop into bed and bury your head in the sand! Enjoy that Sunday lie in but every other day of the week make a plan, get yourself organised and brush your damn hair. You despise spending money on yourself and don't even get me started with manicures! You are super loveable and everyone seems to want to be 'in' with you. You're such a nice person and it shows. You always have a smile for everyone and your kind heart radiates. Let people see it more often, you'll feel better for it!

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